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May 28, 2013:
Updated to v0.6

April 13, 2013:
Updated to v0.5

December 8, 2012:
Updated to v0.4

October 27, 2011:
Updated to v0.3

July 14, 2011:
Updated to v0.2

May 4, 2011:
Updated to v0.1


Open Field
Forced Swimming test
Collected data
  • Moving rat's position
  • Arena zones entrance count
  • Distance travelled by rat
  • Rat's rearing count
  • Climbing/Swimming and Floating times
Extra Zone editor:
  • Add/modify/remove zones
  • Snapping to shapes (to easily move/position shapes)
  • Setting the real to image scale (to accurately calculate the distance in cm)
  • Rat's energy vs time graph
  • Exports statistical data to Excel sheet
  • Records and saves the experiment as a video file
  • Analyzes experiment from an attached webcam or from a video file
  • Modify image processing filters through Filter Graph